Discover the enchanting world of raspberry cultivation at Beekers Berries, where the refined and alluring Sapphire takes centre stage during the season.

Continue reading to uncover how our dedicated growers skilfully and attentively nurture these precious fruits, with a focus on preserving their elegant taste and unique character. Experience the passion for perfection that we invest in every aspect of cultivation, from meticulous harvesting to careful presentation on your plate. Welcome to the flavourful realm of Beekers Berries and explore the delights of Sapphire raspberries.



The Sapphire, a captivating raspberry with a unique personality and magical flavour, immediately captures your attention. With a growth potential that surpasses her sisters by up to two times, she stands out with her elegant cone-shaped appearance. This passionate lady takes the top position with irresistible charm and effortlessly wins over everyone’s heart!

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In addition to raspberries, our Beekers Berries collection includes strawberriesblueberriesblackberriesredcurrants, and specialties. These are grown with warmth, respect, love, and expertise so that you can fully enjoy our berries all year round.

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