We expanded our berry collection in 2007 with our Beekers Berries specialties. Each specialty has its own unique taste, shape, and appearance. Our CEO Wil Beekers and Dutch strawberry breeder Hans de Jongh work together daily to cultivate the most delicious and extraordinary specialties.

Curious about all the different specialties? You can find them below!



With its incredibly strong, delightfully sweet scent, you can smell it from afar. So much aroma can be packed into such a small pink strawberry. And what about the taste? You might not believe it, but this unique pink strawberry really tastes like pink bubblegum! Would you like to give it a try as well? These healthy treats are available from April to June at the finest vegetable and fruit grocery stores.



Our smallest, but certainly not the youngest! The Pineberry, or Fragaria x Ananassa as it’s officially called, is actually one of the oldest strawberry varieties in the world. With its white colour, red seeds, and its delicately fresh-sweet (slightly pineapple-like) flavour, the Pineberry stands out in the realm of strawberries.

However, it was a close call for the Pineberry, as it nearly went extinct before we had the chance to enjoy it. Fortunately, Dutch strawberry breeder Hans de Jongh intervened. The result: after much patient research, cultivation, and harvesting, we have it back! Keep in mind, Pineberries are only available from April to June and in the fall from September to December.



The Pinkberry is of medium size and uniform in shape, making it ideal for decorating cakes and pastries. Its distinctive pink-orange color adds an extra touch of charm to desserts and pastry creations. Using Pinkberries as decoration not only enhances the visual appeal but also introduces a subtle sweet note in taste. This not only makes your culinary creation visually appealing but also flavourful and memorable.



The raspberry strawberry is almost 100 years old. With a petite and a distinctive appearance. Because the seeds are slightly recessed, it resembles a raspberry. However, it is 100% strawberry, with a delightful sweet summer taste and aroma. Just like others in our specialties range, we harvest from April to June!



The Whiteberry is a medium-sized strawberry with a remarkably sweet taste. It stands out with its distinctive white appearance, red seeds, and pink blush. Whether it’s on a cracker, in a dessert, a salad, or simply on a croissant, the Whiteberry adds a special touch to every dish with its striking appearance.



The Yellowberry is a tangy strawberry that is perfectly suited for salads and as an addition to ice cream and pastries, both for its flavour and its colour. This strawberry is of medium size and has a uniform shape, with a yellow hue.

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In addition to specialties, our Beekers Berries assortment includes strawberriesblueberriesraspberriesblackberries, and redcurrants. These are grown with warmth, respect, love, and expertise so that you can fully enjoy our berries all year round.

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