Beekers = Berries = Summer

At Beekers Berries, we are true nature enthusiasts. From the familiar strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry to the surprising pineapple strawberry, raspberry strawberry, and bubbleberry; each berry is a unique jewel that we take pride in! But what do they have in common? They are not only exceptionally delicious but also the result of our proven cultivation concept that has been developed over the years and is constantly being evaluated and renewed.

The result is a true explosion of summery flavors, all year round. We bring ‘Summer is here’ to your table in every bite you take.

With sunny regards, on behalf of the Beekers Berries team,

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Beekers = Berries = Nature

At Beekers Berries, respect for nature is at the heart of our cultivation process. Our local beekeeper and his bees, along with bumblebees, play a crucial role in pollinating and fertilizing flowers, resulting in the creation of our delicious soft fruit. We happily welcome these little workers onto our premises.

Unfortunately, not all insects are equally friendly to our fruits. To ensure that harmful insects don’t stand a chance, we employ natural predators to maintain a balanced ecosystem through organic means.

We believe in the authentic origin of our berries and the honest process that precedes them. While this requires extra effort and time, we take pride in nurturing our products with care and attention. The result is evident in every delightful bite you take.

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Beekers = Berries = You

At Beekers Berries, everything revolves around the perfect combination of taste and freshness, which culminates in our delightful berries that we proudly share with you. For us, it’s all about the daily enjoyment of fresh soft fruit, straight from the field to your table.

We understand that, like us, you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to nutrition. That’s why our selection has been meticulously curated to provide you with nothing less than the most flavourful and high-quality soft fruit options. Whether you start your day with a bowl of yogurt and juicy strawberries, enhance your lunch with a handful of blueberries, or elevate your desserts with the vibrant colours of raspberries, Beekers Berries is here to enrich your taste experience.

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