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At Beekers Berries, we are true nature enthusiasts. From the familiar strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry to the surprising pineapple strawberry, raspberry strawberry, and bubbleberry; each Beekers berry is a unique gem that we take pride in! But what do they have in common? They are not only exceptionally delicious but also the result of our proven cultivation concept that has been developed over the years and is constantly being evaluated and renewed.

The outcome is a true explosion of summery flavours, all year round. At Beekers Berries, we bring ‘Summer is here’ to your table, with every bite you take.

We would love to share more about us, our story, history, and introduce our soft fruit to you!

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Our story

Juicy fruit has captured the hearts of many and is being enjoyed more and more. Not only is soft fruit a true delight for the taste buds, but it also provides a wealth of valuable nutrients, including vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. At Beekers Berries, it is our constant ambition to cultivate the most delicious soft fruit year-round.


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Our history

Let’s dive into the past together and take ourselves back to our humble beginnings. Returning to the roots from which our flourishing journey started, we would like to provide you with insight into the inception of our story.

In a world where producing soft fruit has become an art form, we have worked with passion and determination to cultivate delicious and high-quality berries. From our home base in North Brabant, we have evolved and adapted to the challenges of modern agriculture. Our commitment to quality, flavour, and sustainability has led to a berry tradition that fills us with pride.


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Our soft fruit

Discover the lush world of Beekers Berries – a delightful collection of natural treasures. From juicy strawberries to intense blueberries, delicious raspberries to flavorful blackberries, and the zesty sweetness of redcurrants to our unique specialties, each piece of fruit tells its own story of taste and freshness.


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Sustainability and environmentally conscious work are becoming increasingly important every day. That’s why at Beekers Berries, we have taken various initiatives to support the environment. Curious? Below, you’ll find what we’re doing! Let’s take the step towards a sustainable future together!


Sustainability by Beekers Berries

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