Sustainability and environmentally conscious work are becoming increasingly important every day. That’s why at Beekers Berries, we have taken various initiatives to support the environment. Curious? Below, you’ll find what we’re doing! Let’s take the step towards a sustainable future together!


Water capture and recycling in the greenhouses

At Beekers Berries, we have transitioned to substrate cultivation, which means we no longer grow in open ground but above it. An innovative aspect of this approach is the careful treatment of excess water: we capture it, filter it thoroughly, and reuse it in our cultivation process.

This change not only has positive environmental effects but also provides benefits for our growers. Reduced environmental impact and efficient water usage result in cost savings.


Protected Cultivation

Our berries grow outdoors under protective canopies, and it’s incredibly convenient! Firstly, it ensures that soft fruit incurs less damage. Soft fruits, such as strawberries and raspberries, are particularly delicate. By shielding them from rain and wind, we preserve their shelf life and quality, resulting in more top-quality berries for you as a consumer.

The use of these protective canopies is not only beneficial for the quality of the berries but also for the environment. We need fewer pesticides, and the natural predators we deploy are much more effective. This helps reduce our environmental impact. At Beekers, we value growing the tastiest strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, but we also strive to be good stewards of the earth. With the canopies in our outdoor cultivation, we take a step towards a future with delicious and environmentally-friendly soft fruit for everyone!

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Natural Balance in Pest Control

Our growers are increasingly reducing the use of pesticides; they intelligently harness the power of natural predators in our environment. There are many insects in nature that serve as natural predators of harmful pests. We deploy these beneficial insects to combat harmful pests in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.

The decision to use natural predators is aimed at significantly reducing the use of pesticides. This not only preserves the natural balance but also promotes healthy crops.


(Green) Energy

At Beekers, we are committed to a more sustainable future by generating green energy and minimizing our energy consumption. Our dedicated growers actively participate in environmentally-friendly initiatives, with the use of solar panels as a key element in our pursuit of sustainability.

Increasingly, we see our fields and facilities adorned with solar panels, allowing us to generate electricity from renewable sources. The use of solar energy is a significant step towards more environmentally-friendly cultivation, as we strive for self-sufficiency and sustainable energy solutions.

Recent recipes

This is how we ensure the tastiest berries, cultivated in a healthy and sustainable manner. Would you like to experience how our love for soft fruit and nature tastes in our delicious strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries? Pick them yourself from our PlukExpress. Enjoy them fresh from the bowl, or be inspired by our delightful recipes.

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