The Lambada: the absolute queen amongst strawberries!


The Lambada strawberry belongs to one of the most famous strawberry varieties and is a real favourite, but why is it so loved?

In 1997, Wil Beekers took the plunge and started growing Lambada strawberries for the first time. ‘An exciting moment for us because we all knew the Lambada is a difficult strawberry to grow’, says Wil. ‘The Lambada is sublime in taste and has a delicate structure. It has something unique, something that other strawberries cannot equal. Besides that, the queen amongst strawberries gets a lot of attention. We are really talking about the right amounts of water and nutrition in combination with the perfect climate.’ continues Wil.

The Lambada is available yearly around mid-February until mid-June. Together with our customers we eagerly await this premium strawberry. As soon as the Lambada is ready to be picked, the strawberries will be carefully cut on the stem instead of being picked as we do with the other varieties. Then we immediately place the strawberries in the punnets with the greatest care, ready for departure!

Lambada strawberries are perfect to eat straight out of a bowl, but also perfect to use in beautiful cakes and desserts. For best results make sure you let the strawberries reach room temperature first, then rinse carefully. Once you have tasted the Lambada strawberry, you are immediately sold!

The queen amongst strawberries

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