The Lambada strawberry

Meet the Lambada strawberry from Beekers Berries, a true sensation among strawberry varieties. With its unique character and premium status, the Lambada strawberry has distinguished itself as an unrivalled delicacy. This exceptional strawberry boasts a wonderfully sweet taste and a refined texture that elevates it to the queen of strawberries.



The Lambada strawberry is one of the most well-known strawberry varieties and is a fan favorite among strawberry enthusiasts.

In 1997, Wil Beekers took the leap and began cultivating Lambada strawberries. “It was an exciting moment for us because we already knew it was a challenging strawberry to grow,” the owner explains. “Lambada strawberries stand out for their sublime taste and texture. They possess something unique, something that no other strawberry can match. On the other hand, the queen among strawberries expects a lot of attention. Here we’re really talking about the right balance of water and nutrients, combined with the perfect climate,” Wil continues.


Growth and care

The Lambada plants are placed in the greenhouses around mid-December, where they are carefully and lovingly planted. In the following weeks, the plants slowly transition from blossoms to the most delicious strawberries.

“Once the Lambada is ripe, it is gently plucked by its stem so that we don’t have to touch it. Then we place it with the utmost care into the trays. She is now ready for departure!” Wil explains.


Unique features

The Lambada strawberry enchants with its delightful blend of sweetness, juiciness, and impressive size! What truly sets this strawberry apart are its deeply embedded seeds. In essence, it’s an irresistible strawberry that will captivate every fruit enthusiast.

More inspiration

Aside from being delicious when enjoyed straight from the container, the Lambada also lends itself perfectly to creating stunning cakes and desserts. Lucky enough to get your hands on these sensational strawberries? Make sure to let them come to room temperature first, then gently rinse them under the tap. But beware, once you taste them, you’ll be hooked instantly!

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