Strawberry yoghurt ice creams

These delicious ice creams are perfect for hot summer days. With just a few ingredients including our summer sweet strawberries and yoghurt, it is easy to make. Taste the summer with this recipe!



ice cream maker
sauce pan


1 punnet Beekers Berries strawberries
2 tbsp granola
2 tbsp oatmeal
1 tbsp peanut butter
dash of honey



Wash the strawberries gently, remove their stem and cut them vertically in half. Depending on the size of the strawberry, you may need to cut them into half again. Grab a sauce pan, put it on the stove and add the granola, oatmeal, peanut butter and honey. Mix it all together on low heat and take it off again once it is well mixed. Fill the bottom of the ice cream makers with a dash of yoghurt. Then divide the mixture with a spoon over the ice cream makers. Add another layer of yoghurt and gently push the slices strawberries in the yoghurt. Put the ice cream in the freezer for about 5 hours.

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