Brilliant Redcurrants

Brilliant Redcurrants

Redcurrants are beautiful, shiny red in colour and grow in bunches on twigs. The season begins in Mid-May with the Junifer variety. Junifer has a coarse structure and is sweet in taste. The bunch is usually shorter than other red currants. From approximately mid-July the most well-known and most popular variety takes over, Rovada. This variety is a true beauty and is fresher in taste with a longer shelf life. The Rovada bunch is longer and fuller.


Without warmth, there’s no life or growth. So we cherish our fruit with all the warmth we have. The warmth of our hearts. In the greenhouse. On the land. From the sun. In a continuous cycle of reuse, where possible.


It’s no coincidence that our home base is in North Brabant. This region is the cradle of the strawberry. Brabant has been providing the most delicious strawberries from its sandy soil since as far back as 1400. We respect our origins and nature.


Love for beautiful soft fruit, for life, for nature, for delicious food, for enjoyable work and for each other. That’s what unites us. We hope you’ll be able to taste that in every strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry to our name.


We invest continuously in knowledge, technology, the conditions, and our people in order to cultivate the best varieties of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Each fruit should be a delectable mouthful of summer. Always and everywhere.

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