Brave blackberries

A blackberry is actually a cluster of 50 small drupelets, and is full of juice and vitamin C. We at Beekers Berries are proud to be able to grow these delicious berries.

At first, blackberries ripen to a shade of red, after which they gradually assume a glossy, deep black colour. That’s when they’re ripe for the picking – when even the smallest drupelets of our Loch Tay and Loch Ness varieties are at their juiciest and their most flavoursome. In short, that’s when they’re at their highest quality.

Beekers Berries®Midnight™

Beekers Berries have introduced a new cool dude to its berry collection; Beekers Berries® Midnight™. This juicy and exceptional sweet blackberry has a deep black colour, reflected in the name and the perfect glossy finish. The Midnight has a good firmness which provides a longer shelf life in comparison with other varieties.


Without warmth, there’s no life or growth. So we cherish our fruit with all the warmth we have. The warmth of our hearts. In the greenhouse. On the land. From the sun. In a continuous cycle of reuse, where possible.


It’s no coincidence that our home base is in North Brabant. This region is the cradle of the strawberry. Brabant has been providing the most delicious strawberries from its sandy soil since as far back as 1400. We respect our origins and nature.


Love for beautiful soft fruit, for life, for nature, for delicious food, for enjoyable work and for each other. That’s what unites us. We hope you’ll be able to taste that in every strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry to our name.


We invest continuously in knowledge, technology, the conditions, and our people in order to cultivate the best varieties of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Each fruit should be a delectable mouthful of summer. Always and everywhere.

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