Homemade iced tea

Isn’t iced tea the perfect summer beverage? You only need a few ingredients and our raspberries for this recipe. Enjoy this summery homemade iced tea!



Beekers Berries raspberries
1 tbsp hibiscus tea
1 lime
1 litre of water
dash of liquid honey
fresh mint



Grab a suitable carafe and put 1 litre of water in it. Spoon in the hibiscus tea, add a dash of the liquid honey en stir it. Put the carafe in the fridge for a few hours so that it can infuse. Grab the raspberries from the fridge and wash them under a gentle stream of water. Take the carafe, sieve the water and add the raspberries. Next you can wash the lime, cut it into thin slices and put them into the water. Finally, add the fresh mint as a finishing touch!

Tip: add ice cubes in a glass before you pour the iced tea. This way you have a delicious, chilled summer drink!

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