Brunch berry soufflé

Looking for some brunch inspiration? This fluffy soufflé style berry omelet is delicious and will satisfy anyone’s hunger! Find the recipe below:



For 2 persons

Baking utensils:
oven dish

Beekers berries (pick & mix)
3 eggs
1 bag vanilla sugar
2 tbs low-fat vanilla quark
3 sprigs of mint
dash of honey



Heat up the oven to 200°C (fan assisted) and split the eggs so that the yolk and whites are separated. Beat the egg whites lightly with a mixer. Clean and dry the mixer to then mix the egg yolk with the vanilla sugar until it is firm. Mix the both egg mixtures carefully until you get a light fluffy mixture. Pour the mixture in the oven dish and bake it for about 15 minutes in the heated oven.

Serve the soufflé with the berries, vanilla quark and the fresh mint. Finally, pour a little honey over the berries. Enjoy!


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